How you can fly First Class too!

Who are all those people suspiciously flight on super expensive first class tickets, that easily cost a high four-digit amount? We will tell you how you can belong to those without spending a three-month salary.

An elite terminal set away from the airport buzz, free spa and a chauffeur service from the terminal building to your plane. These are some of the services that are available to the proud owners of a first class ticket even before they put a feed in the aircraft.

While browsing the internet for such tickets, you quickly realize that they can run into a five-digit sum. Besides businessman, who the hell travels alone on holiday? A roundtrip Frankfurt to Singapore can easily cost well above 15.000 EUR for a couple traveling together.

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In reality, most people flying on those tickets, do not pay for them. Besides upgrades and business travel, the magic word is "miles" in the airlines frequent flyer program, which can be exchanged for upgrades and free flights. There are even options for a first-class round-the-world trip if you belong to those with a well-filled miles-account.

Interesting fact

Even most frequent flyers do not earn most of their miles while flying. The last years, airlines have started to change their frequent flyer programs to a revenue-based model - the more expansive your tickets are, the more miles you get.

The truth is, you can collect thousands of miles for your next first or business class ticket through credit cards, subscriptions or your daily shopping at the supermarket.

Credit cards

Several providers reward their customers with points and miles. Those points can either be swapped directly for free flights and upgrades or transferred to another loyalty program.


Yes, you can collect valuable miles through newspaper or magazine subscriptions. The amount you can receive in such a way is enormous and might put you into a business class seat instantly.

Bonus & cash-back programs

Some bonus programs you traditionally use when doing your grocery shopping or refuelling your car, allow you to transfer their cash-back points into airline loyalty programs.

Error fares & cheap tickets

There are several ways to earn a lot of miles flying with cheap business class tickets that often do not cost much more than an economy ticket. We will teach you how to find them.

We will provide you with detailed blog posts in each of the topics in the upcoming weeks.

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