What is a frequent flyer program?

The basics - Most airlines, hotel chains, and car rental companies have a loyalty scheme. And there is a reason for that, often a small group of customers generates more than 75% of revenue, which makes it attractive to encourage those customers to come back even more often. Those reward programs can provide you a whole range of benefits such as priority services, upgrades, lounge access, extended luggage allowance, free seat reservation, ...)


Miles & more

is the frequent flyer program of the Lufthansa Group and belongs to the Star Alliance.

An airline loyalty program, which is also called frequent flyer program, is issued by an airline and shares its benefits along all airlines within an alliance. There are three major alliance: SkyTeam, Star Alliance and Oneworld.

How does a frequent flyer status work?

A frequent flyer program is segmented into multiple status levels. The more you fly, the higher your status gets and as a results the benefits that come with it. Most benefits are shared across all airlines within the alliance. You can see the airlines and benefits of each alliance here: Airline Alliance Guide

But do not miss out of the most significant benefit of them all. The ability to collect reward miles and trade them for upgrades and reward flights in business and first class. This one is essential for all the tip and trick we will be sharing with you in future blog posts.

What is the difference between reward & status miles?

In general, airlines differentiate between two types of miles. Status miles, which are required to earn a higher status with an airlines reward scheme and usually will be reset every year. And reward miles which can be used to redeem for upgrades and reward flights. There validly differs from airlines to airline but often can be extended infinitely via credit cards.

When do I collect which type of miles? (status/reward)

The good news is, you do not need to choose if you want to collect status or reward miles. Both types will be credited after your flight. However, the amount can differ as status miles are usually credited based on distance (air miles) and reward miles based on your ticket price after deducting tax. The most important rule to remember is that you can only earn miles across airlines within one alliance.

Where can I register for a loyalty program ?

You can sign up for free on all airline websites. Either look for a sign-up button somewhere on the website or google "airline name + loyalty program" and you will find them easily.

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